Kimkoo sleep mask eye mask - super soft silk sleeping masks&eye mask for sleeping with ear plugs-black

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why sleep mask ?

If the light of your bedroom cannot be completely covered by the curtain, and you want to have a good sleep; if your partner wants to  read a book or watch TV which makes you can not  fall asleep; if you want to sleep on the trip, such as be in plane, train or in the car; if you are eager to have a true relaxation in yoga and meditation. You need it.

why natural silk?

Natural silk sleep mask has the incredible comfort and soft feeling which is as light as feather, because it weighs only 0.45 ounces. It is not only smooth but also with low sensitivity,  it can get along with your skin very well. It is really a good choice whether you are going to buy it for yourself or as a gift, and as a travel accessories.

why kimkoo?

We improved the elastic straps to improve the comfort of sleep masks. At the same time, we added a nosewing at the bottom of the sleep mask which is able to block most or even 100% of the light. In addition, we also equipped with a portable receive bag and two noise-canceling earplugs with slow rebound sponge. We will continue to make our efforts to improve customer experience. I also believe it is the reason why you choose us.

Made of natural mulberry silk; it is very soft , breathable and comfortable.The breathable fibers of the interlayer are very light and do not apply pressure to your eyes, very suitable for patients with insomnia, migraine or dry eyes.
The nose flap can block out sunlight, LED light and any other lights very well; whether it is during day or night shifts, or even sleeping at night you will not be affected by light. This helps you to achieve your essentials good sleep.
It does not touch your eyes, we improved three elastic straps ,They can make the junction be stressed uniformly. So that you may relax and open your eyes completely whilst wearing it, and it will not mess up your makeup or touch your eyelashes. We have applied for a patent for this invention.
The elastic straps are adjustable in length and not made of Velcro; they will fit from 18-25 inches (XL size, one size fits all). the high quality velcro strap will be at the back of your head. You can listen to music with headphones;Side sleeper will not be affected, Suitable for men, women and children, they also make a very good Christmas gift for friends, parents, kids, lovers and anyone who would like a good deep sleep.
Come with a portable bag and noise cancelling earplugs, they are good travel essentials and travels gifts, and can be used at home, in the office, in a hotel, on a plane or in a car, enabling you to quickly get into a deep sleep.

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